• Tanzhologie with Corinna Janson
  • Ballet Morning Training with Saskia Tindle
  • Switch2Move with Andrew Greenwood
  • Self-Development through Dancing with Detlef Kappert
  • Body Ecology - ContacTango in Water with Javier Cura


On 30.4.2018 at night the stage in the Haus des Gastes is available for a unique dance performance freshly created by participants of the workshops

Fotos from Wojciech Wójcik

 Photographer Wojciech Wójcik lives in Poznan (Poland) and works for projects in the fashion and advertising industry. He regularly takes photo documentation trips through Asia and South-America. Within the framework of the Tanzhologie Tage 2018 the opening of his exhibition Energy of Dance II will take place on 30.4. 2018 at 19.00 o‘clock in Haus des Gastes Kurhausstraße 22-24 in Bad Kreuznach

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