Ballet Morning Training | Saskia Tindle

 Sa., Su. u. Mo.: 10.00 - 11.30 h 

 Ballett engages the body, mind and soul like nothing else can and serves as an optimal basis for all kinds of dance. One of the focus points of Saskia`s class is concentrating on working healthily and anatomically correctly with the body. Another focus point lies in the meaning and intention of the steps which are studied while internalizing the movement sequences. Saskia animates the dancers to use their personal fascination and love for dance to make the music visible. Her teaching is based on the latest scientific findings and particularly takes into account the demands of healthy dance practice. Each dancer is supported within their individual requirements to develop their potential in a way that can be sustained.

 Switch2move | Andrew Greenwood

Sa. 28.4.2018  12.00 - 16.00 h (incl. breaks )

 Switch2Move (S2M) is a movement method and practice developed with the aim to combine Health, Movement, Art and People. The S2M program can be used by individuals with cognitive and movement impairments as well as by the general public looking for activities that are able to benefit them on various levels: physical, social, cognitive and emotional. Dance is an inclusive, social act that impacts health on a global level. It is capable of engaging individuals of all ages in life-enhancing actions, improving general levels of health, immune functions, brain health, confidence and social integration. In a climate where governments, health organizations and health insurances are looking for answers to global epidemics such as sedentary lifestyle and stress related diseases, ‘dance’ in all its multi-facets has a significant role to play.

Self-Development through Dance | Detlef Kappert

Su. 29.4.2018  12.00 - 18.00 h (incl. breaks)

 To be able to grow as an individual and to develop into the people we want to be in life we need to be confronted - with our history, our life, with physicality, our relationships, with other people we interact with and with beauty. This method, introduced by Detlef Kappert incorporates techniques of professional training for artists and the teaching of perception in such a way that allows individuals to grow through this psychological concept. The dancers develop knowledge of their personal theme of life and an identity based on their vitality and elegance when dancing, through the course of time. They can achieve their goals of self-fulfillment and express them in a way that others are able to acknowledge them

Body Ecology - Contact Tango in Water | Javier Cura

Tue. 1.5.2018  10.00 - 13.30 h (incl. breaks) 

 Contact Tango in Water provides a safe all encompassing environment where to explore and revitalize a rich variety of movements. Through it, we can develop without fear of injuries, spirals, lifts, rolls or just simple movements related to grounding and walking. On the other hand, the relational dances of Contact Improvisation and Tango when practiced in water, amplify a sensual trust and playfulness, making the learning process easier. Last not least, movement in water allows the experience of flow to get physically impressed in our bodies. Flow is a defining characteristic of a relaxed movement. It can be easily perceived in water in the exchange of centrifugal and centripetal movements. Flow is also achievable thanks to the anti gravitational characteristic of water, allowing a better dialogue between tension and relaxation to take place. Many of these movements, once perceived, experienced and shared in water, are easier to achieve in the studio.

 Tanzhologie | Corinna Janson

Fr. 27.4.2018: 18.00 - 19.30 h

 In many ways, dance has a positive and health-promoting influence on people. For that, every style of dance has its own special points of emphasis and trains very specific movement qualities. Tanzhologie®  as a holistic dance-teaching method picks up on aspects of a multitude of branches of dance while aiming at general promotion of health and personal development of the individuals. Tanzhologie makes these aspects available to the needs of amateurs. It is comprised of 10 set building blocks of training which include not only exercises that are specifically set but also free creation of movement in improvisations. At the same time, in every unit of this training the range is spanned from active dancing all the way to relaxation and mental training.

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